Google AdWords Training Course

Learn how to set up a Google AdWords campaign and how to efficiently manage it

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Save money by avoiding the common mistakes and learn the best practises from our AdWords professionals:

  • The Basics of Google Adwords and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Learn how to set up a Google AdWords campaign
    Setting up your budget and click prices
  • Targeting the right geographical area
  • Learn how to choose the right keywords for your products
  • How to write effective ad texts in AdWords
  • Learn how to use the free ad extensions
  • Setting up conversions tracking
  • 10 common mistakes in AdWords – how to avoid them and save money
  • Advanced tips for better AdWords results
  • Brief overview of display network and remarketing

Duration: 1 day (9-16)
Language: English

Price: 1990 € / day
All prices excluding VAT 24%, possible travel costs outside Brussels and other additional costs. Companies based in EU may be exempted from VAT. 

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"The course gave me a good overall view of marketing with Google Adwords. Informative and package course with just the right pace. The resource bank and support forum are a great extra bonus!"

 Feedback from our Adwords Course

Detailed Program for Adwords Training Course

Save money by avoiding the common mistakes and learn the best practises from our AdWords professionals. Running a successful AdWords campaign can be surprisingly easy!

The Basics of Google AdWords

  • Why is search engine marketing so effective: ad relevancy
  • Other benefits of seach engine advertising: speed and exact measurements
  • How cost per click (CPC) advertising works in Google AdWords

Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign

  • First campaign tutorial
  • Basic campaign settings: Search Network vs. Display Network
  • Geographical targeting and language settings
  • Bid strategy: manual vs. automatic bidding
  • Manual bidding and default click price
  • Deciding your daily AdWords campaign budget
  • Understanding the structure of AdWords: campaign, ad groups and ads

How to Write Effective AdWords Text Ads

  • How to write effective headlines
  • How to optimize ads for top placement: longer headline together with line 1
  • Optimized Display URL
  • Choosing the correct Final URL
  • Mobile ad settings
  • A/B testing ads right from the start

Choosing the Right Keywords with Keyword Planner

  • How to find out the important keywords for your business
  • Market research with AdWords Keyword Planner
  • How to find the monthly search volume and average click price for your keywords
  • Comparing different locations for products and keywords
  • Understanding the keyword match types: broad, phrase and exact match
  • Using negative keywords

More AdWords Features

  • Most common and useful ad extensions: location, sitelinks, call and callouts extensions
  • Scheduling the campaign: start and end dates
  • How to set up conversions tracking in Google Adwords
  • Importing conversions from Google Analytics
  • Dynamic keyword insertion in ad text
  • Find out the actual search terms used by your visitors
  • Recap: 10 common and expensive AdWords mistakes

Overview of Display Network and Remarketing

  • When to use the display network and image ads
  • Setting up a display campaign
  • Best banner formats and sizes
  • Using remarketing to target and remind your website visitors
Terms & Conditions

Conditions: Minimum number of participants is 3 persons on each course. If the course you are enrolling in does not reach the minimum number of participants it will be cancelled or postponed. We will inform enrolled participants in case there are not enough participants on a course.

Cancellations and substitutes: a) Cancellations confirmed more than 21 days prior to the date of the course are fully refundable and free of charge. Cancellations are to be made in writing to 

b) Cancellations made within 21 days of the date of the course may not be cancelled without incurring course charges fully.

c) Substitutes may be made at any time free of charge. TalentWire should be informed of any changes.

Pricing and invoicing: Payment for each course is to be received no later than 14 days prior to the course start date. We will send an invoice after your booking has been confirmed. Inform us of any special arrangements you require for your invoices.

All prices are as stated and are exclusive of VAT which will where appropriate be charged at the current rate.