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Articles on SEO

You mean to tell me I didn't meet the needed koala-fications?

The single most effective SEO technique to grow your organic search traffic

By Ilkka Mäkinen | 11 August, 2016

Wondering how to get more traffic coming your way from Google? This article will talk about how Google works and how you can create content that earns the clicks and starts growing your organic search traffic.

seo laundry

Outdated and ineffective SEO techniques that will end up hurting you

By Ilkka Mäkinen | 4 August, 2016

Not seeing results with your SEO efforts? Read which old school SEO techniques aren’t working anymore and what are the effective methods that actually work today.

What you probably didn't know about SEO

3 things you probably did not know about SEO

By Ilkka Mäkinen | 16 June, 2016

What are the key things you need to know about search engine optimization? Read how to get ahead, learn the rules of the game and which pitfalls to avoid.

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